I know it's been a while, but don't worry, I'm still kicking and doing my best to make this site even better!

First off, we have a new vid over in the Video Games section for you to check out, a review of the PS2 game by animereviewguy, who's also getting us some booklet scans. So I want everyone to give him a big round of applause and many thanks, and check out his other reviews. ^_^

Also, in the Video section as well as on our Youtube, you'll find part 1 of a great find - I"s Pure Tokubetsu-ban. What is it? Check it out to find out!

You'll also notice two new sections that I'll be working on, for Voice Actors and Seiyuu (the Japanese cast) for the two OVA series. The reason it's two sections is because the Japanese side has two casts, and therefore has a lot more to cover. Nothing's up yet, but it will be soon.

Finally, you'll be happy to know that more dub clips, another audio drama, and manga reviews are still on the horizon. Stay posted for all the new stuff coming!