While the site is first and foremost about I"s, I do like to cover anything and everything related to Katsura at least a little bit as it comes up. And boy, do I have a big one for you now.


That's right - at long last, Katsura's latest manga hit Zetman is getting an anime adaption! Special credit goes to a friend named Doug Nearhood for letting me know about this.

The news first hit when the 16th volume of the manga went on sale, announcing that a TV anime adaption had been greenlit for April 2012.

Further news came (which can be read about from the above links) from the new official promo site for the series, containing information on the anime studio, director, script writer, and character designer for the series.

As I"s fans know, anime hasn't been kind to Katsura in the past, giving I"s only two OVA series to cover the entire 15 volume manga. Video Girl Ai and DNA2 didn't fair much better in their adaptions, so it will be interesting to see how things play out for this series. Here's hoping we get a cast list and a license announcement for the US soon as well!

Check back for more news as it comes out.