Masakazu Katsura's I"s, his greatest romantic-comedy story, began publication in 1997, and ran until 1999. By the time it was over, it totaled  143 chapters to be compiled into 15 collected volumes. The first volume of the manga was brought over to the US by Viz Media's US branch of Shonen Jump in March of 2005.

The story follows 16-year-old Ichitaka Seto and his hapless attempts at love. Scorned by a girl he liked as a child, he has since had zero confidence around girls, despite help during his childhood by a friend named Itsuki, and now a friend named Teratani.

Nowadays, Ichitaka is crushing on one of the more popular girls in his class, Iori Yoshizuki, a member of the school's acting program. He tries to gather his courage again and again to confess to her, but fails every time. However, fate may be on his side, for he is put into the same group project as her. On the other hand, perhaps fate is playing a game with him - right when things are looking up, his childhood friend Itsuki returns and is now a force to be reckoned with - a force of the hot kind!

Which girl will he choose? What fate awaits him on his journey of adolescence? One thing's for sure - the life of a teenager in love is never easy.


I"s and all related material are owned by the Masakazu Katsura, Weekly Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and all other related parties. All fan-made materials are owned by the billed names. If anything is even partially owned by myself, it will say so.
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