We're much more than a sole website now, we've got various other locations that we use to spread the word about our favorite manga/anime series. Check out some of our other locations, okay?


Here is where you can find all the reviews of chapters, volumes, episodes, characters, and more.

Remember, it's all here.


This is where all of our videos are kept, ranging from dub/sub clips and AMVs, all the way to full-length commentaries on things eventually.

It's all located over on Youtube.


Another source for us to post about our updates, as well as a way for us to spread the word to a much larger crowd.

It's all happening on our Facebook.

And don't forget to Like us!


Another vestige of the anime fandom's hangouts where you'll also find us. It was just started and may not be updated as frequently as our other hangouts, but it is the closest thing to a forum for us you're going to find.

Go give it a look and join the club!

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