'Reaching for a Dream' presents...

Let me start off by saying that these are fan-made and are not official works, nor are they officially endorsed by Shonen Jump, Viz, or Masakazu Katsura. They are however, ridiculously fun.

For a while now, there have been audio dramas being made for this site's Youtube channel, and with the third drama coming up rapidly, I decided that it was time to give them their own section here. I'm doing my best to keep the casts official, so please enjoy our continuing adventures together!

The Cast


Voice of: Ichitaka Seto

Youtube: Here!

Casting: He got the part by default, as he's long been the Ichitaka of my online group, and due to being one of my best friends. His mid-deep vocal tone brings something to Ichitaka that I wouldn't have thought about otherwise.


Voice of: Iori Yoshizuki

Youtube: Here!

Casting: She had already done a fandub clip of the character herself, from before the site had even started. I was so impressed with her work there that I asked her to continue playing the character for our stuff, and thankfully she agreed.


Voice of: Itsuki Akiba

Youtube: Here!

Casting: Another friend of mine, I knew from Skype chats that she had a certain playful quality to her voice that reminded me of the character, so she was my first pick for the role when we started these. She hasn't failed to impress me a single time.


Voice of: Izumi Isozaki

Youtube: Here!

Casting: She's Gonyea's fiance so I was aware of her and of her fan-dubbing work, so when it was time to bring in another of Ichitaka's girls, it was an easy decision to cast her to this part. She did a very unique read that was perfect for the character.

Gyt Kaliba

Voice of: Yasumasa Teratani

Youtube: Here!

Casting: What casting? I play this part myself, partly because I wanted to play someone in the dramas myself, and partly because I've been deemed the Teratani of my group. I used to think of myself as the Ichitaka, and there's still those moments, but I can't deny that there's some Tera-chan in me too hehe.


Voice of: Jun Koshinae

Youtube: Here!

Casting: He's been a friend of mine for years now, and he always seems to have fun doing some kind of recording, so I had him in mind for Kida or Tanaka at first. But he had more interest in Jun, and turned in a great audition for the role, and was picked for it because of that audition.


Voice of: Nami Tachibae

Youtube: Here!

Casting: If you think she sounds similar to Lucca's Itsuki, there's a reason for that - Lani is her sister! Originally, I'd had someone else in mind for this character, but when it didn't work out, I gave the role to Lani. She did really good on capturing Nami's snarky personality, I was very pleased.


Voice of: Yuka Morisaki

Youtube: Here!

Casting: A friend of mine who got me more into fan-dubbing, she has a certain youthful quality to her voice that I thought would work well for Yuka, since she seems so little in comparison to the other characters. She also brough a sweet sound to the character too that really fits.

Alc Fluteo

Voice of:

Youtube: Here!

Casting: Alc is my very best friend in the entire world, as well as the love of my life. She is a major reason why I"s is so special to me in a way, and so, I really wanted to have her on board here in some way. So, I gave her the role of Miyoko, as her recording time isn't great.


Voice of: Tanaka

Youtube: Here!

Casting: The first half of I"s background 'Those Two Guys', I was at a loss for who to cast as him, and was running out of friends I could hit up for a voice. Luckily, Lucca has been doing her own project that I also have a role in, and was willing to hook me up with a friend, and luckily Laserkid was ready and willing. He did a great job too!

Mike Maverick

Voice of: Kida

Youtube: Here!

Casting: Much like Tanaka, I had no idea who to cast as this second part of one of I"s' 'Those Two Guys' and was running low on connections. I knew Mike a little bit though through Lucca and Facebook, but hated to ask at the last minute for him to play a role for me, but luckily he was willing and turned in a great recording.


Voice of: Mr. Higemi

Youtube: Here!

Casting: When I think of Higemi, I think 'boisterous' and 'over-the-top'. These are two things that definitely can describe David when he's in a good mood, so coupling that with his naturally deeper voice, I knew I wanted him to play this part for me. I knew I'd struck gold with my hunch too, the minute I heard the laugh.


Voice of: Samejima/Marionette King

Youtube: Here!

Casting: I'd originally had someone else in mind, but when it ended up not working out, I was in a lurch. With a suggestion from Gonyea, Timmy gave it a try, and he exceeded my expectations right away. It makes me want to bring the character back more often just to hear that creepy tone he delivered again.

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