Here, you'll find collected (slowly, as they are completed), reviews of the individual chapters and volumes of I"s.

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Volume Reviews

Volume 1: Iori

Volume 2: Itsuki

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Anime Review Guy's Review

That's right, we have another review from that awesome guy, Anime Review Guy! Read the review in its entirety here, but for now, here's what he had to say on the manga itself.


Now this is more what I'm talking about. I've always had a thing for romantic comedies, and this is one of my all time favorites. Everything I complained about in the anime is rectified here in the manga, all plot lines explained, all characters explored and all humor restored. If your going to experience 'I"s' THIS is the way to do it. (Also you will have a much easier time grabbing the manga than the anime series).

Masakazu Katsura's art style goes from good to amazing over the course of the series, with attention to detail especially being placed into the characters. Recognizable landmarks and pop culture references, even ones recognizable to an Australian audience, come through and add chuckles here and there.

What really sets the manga apart however is Itchitaka. Hiis relationships are explored and largely varied in situation you can find some enjoyment no matter what he is going through, as it keeps you guessing in what he will do next to sort out his sometimes ridiculous problems. Once the series hits volume 10 something happens that you would expect the manga would end shortly, as so many others do, yet it keeps going for 5 more volumes, exploring an aspect of relationships that are rarely seen in romantic comedy anime/manga plotlines.

The only thing that kind of threw me off the series was the ending, with the announcement of 'the next volume is the last one' at the end of volume 14, it really felt the story left us just as another story arc was about to pick up. The ending will still leave you satisfied, but it just looks like at volume 15 a felling of 'that's enough' just came over Katsura and he ended the series. Or maybe I was just enjoying it too much...

Overall this is a great series. It has heaps of comedy, fun characters and senarios that will have you coming back for more again and again. I usually have a volume casually aside for when I'm bored as its one of those titles that are great to flip through on occasion as well. Highly recommended to those who enjoy romantic comedies or even those who just want to relive those days of that unfulfilled crush and unreachable dream.


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