Zetman Gets Anime Adaption!

October 19, 2011
While the site is first and foremost about I"s, I do like to cover anything and everything related to Katsura at least a little bit as it comes up. And boy, do I have a big one for you now.


That's right - at long last, Katsura's latest manga hit Zetman is getting an anime adaption! Special credit goes to a friend named Doug Nearhood for letting me know about this.

The news first hit when the 16th volume of the manga went on sale, announcing that a TV anime adaption had been greenlit for April 2012.

Further news came (which can be read about from the above links) from the new official promo site for the series, containing information on the anime studio, director, script writer, and character designer for the series.

As I"s fans know, anime hasn't been kind to Katsura in the past, giving I"s only two OVA series to cover the entire 15 volume manga. Video Girl Ai and DNA2 didn't fair much better in their adaptions, so it will be interesting to see how things play out for this series. Here's hoping we get a cast list and a license announcement for the US soon as well!

Check back for more news as it comes out.

Lack of 'News' News

October 19, 2011
Sorry for the lack of updates guys, life has been busy as usual. But, there has been stuff happening!

For one thing, there are now six more chapter reviews for you to read! We're heavy into Volume 2 now, so go check it out.

Also, that weird update from a while back? Things are still happening with that, so be ready when more comes out about it. *evil laughter ensues*

There's been a lack of I"s related audio or video stuff over on the Youtube for a while, but don't worry, it's not abandoned. New ...
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The Arrival of I"s Hell 2

April 1, 2011
At long last, the April Fool's celebratory vid is upon us guys. And no, this isn't a Rick Roll believe it or not - I'm not that cruel. ;)

Check it out and enjoy guys, and leave your thoughts in the comment section.

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Some General Updates

March 16, 2011
Sorry for the lull in updates guys, it's been a busy time to be me.

Over on Youtube, we have a handful of new videos for you to check out! First off, for Valentine's Day, we did a new audio drama. There was a sneak preview, then the actual drama - and a short bonus drama of sorts that was made a long time ago.

On top of all that, there's another sneak preview - Yup, beware fanboys...it's coming.

In other news, I'm sure everyone's heard about the tragedy affecting Japan right now. While our heart...
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Katsura to Draw Batman Again

November 20, 2010
Or at least we can assume he will.

It's come down the grapevine on ANN that 22 manga-ka are going to draw their own take on DC characters, in celebration of 75 years of the brand. One of those authors is our very own Katsura. This is pretty exciting stuff even for someone like me who's more of a Marvel fan, so I'd imagine any of you who are also DC fans will be rocking this.

We won't know for a fact that Katsura's drawing will be Batman until the pictures are out, but let's face it - it probabl...
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New Chapter Review, MyAnimeList Club

November 3, 2010
At long last, the next chapter review is done guys! Sorry it took so long, I promise that the next one will be up much sooner than that. Go give Chapter 4 a read.

In other news, we now have a MyAnimeList club for you guys to join and give us even better feedback, since there's a sort-of forum option there. We have a cool question up for you to respond to too, so join up and give us some feedback to help make this place even more fun.

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Various News Tidbits

November 2, 2010
Just a few more things to throw you guys' way.

First off, just so everyone knows, there will be no Thanksgiving Audio Drama. However, there WILL be something cool and new for the holiday, just haven't decided what yet, so look forward to it.

Also, you may have noticed that the 'Blog' and 'Youtube' tabs at the top have disappeared, and one new one called 'Around the Web' was added. I consolidated the previous two tabs into one new one to be more tidy, so check it out guys.

Also listed in that sec...
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Halloween Audio-Drama is Up!

October 31, 2010
Happy Halloween guys! In the spirit of the holidays, we have a spooky new audio drama for you guys to listen to. Give it a listen and let us know what you think!

Also, it has been a slow update schedule lately, but hopefully we'll be back on track soon enough. The seiyuu section is slowly coming to a completion with pictures, and the other chapter reviews are still coming. Just be patient with me, I'm a man of many interests and not much time. ^_^;

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Tokubetsu-ban is Complete!

September 17, 2010
The fifth and final part of I"s Pure: Tokubetsu-ban is up for you to watch over on Youtube. Be sure to check it out, and let me know what you thought of the entire feature.

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Voice Actor Section - DONE!

September 16, 2010
After working my butt off for the past couple of days, the Voice Actor section is complete! There are still some character pictures to be found eventually hopefully, and a few VAs to learn more about (if they've done anything else), but essentially this is the page's completed form.

The Seiyuu page, once done, will look approximately the same.

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