What Is It?

For the longest time, this page listed JUST very sparse info about some 'project' I was working on. Then, it was updated a little as that came to fruition. Then it was updated again with more hinting, more 'information'. Sadly, that last update had to be removed, so I could get this page to what it's really about - and that is, the first and possibly only sequel to the I"s manga, in fanfiction form!

Origins of the Idea

This is detailed in the author's note of the fic, but I wanted to include it here as well. The idea for this story came to me when, for the fun of it, I was working on figuring out how many episodes a proper adaption of I"s in anime form would take. The idea then hit me for, if a proposed series like that did well, what if they did a movie? What kind of story would it tell? So, from that spark, I created an outline of my own for an I"s 'movie', and that's essentially what this fic will be about.

The Premise

Taking place three years after the end of the manga, 'Reflections' finds Ichitaka still working at the store he was in-series. He hasn't made much out of his life yet, but Iori and he are still dating. Conflicted by seeing how successful his friends are at an upcoming reunion, as well as stuck under pressure from Iori's father, Ichitaka is at a breaking point...but things only get worse from there. An old foe waits to yet again strike at his love, and new threats loom to break up his happy love life, once and for all.

Over time, the fic will feature most of your favorite characters from the manga, as well as the introduction of several new characters - some entirely new, and some that were hinted at in the manga itself.

Read the Fic!

The fic will be hosted on FanFiction.net, the world's largest hub for fanfiction, to make use of it's great reviewing system, making it even easier for you guys to give feedback on the story!

Ideally, the fanfic will be updated weekly, so think of this almost as a weekly series just like I"s was originally.

Enough waiting, the time is now - read on, I"s fans.

Chapter 1. Three Years

Chapter 2. The Reunion


I"s and all related material are owned by the Masakazu Katsura, Weekly Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and all other related parties. All fan-made materials are owned by the billed names. If anything is even partially owned by myself, it will say so.

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