As this site is dedicated to I"s, you won't find much about Katsura's other titles here. However, as a fan of most of his other stories myself, it seems only fair to include a little about them. So in the spirit of that, below you will find basic synopsis for each of his titles.

Video Girl Ai (One-Shot)

The original one-shot that inspired the full series of Video Girl Ai!

Video Girl Ai

High-school student Yota Moteuchi is so unpopular that his classmates have given him the nickname "Dateless." So it's no surprise when the love of his life, Moemi, is not interested in Yota but instead is in love with Yota's best friend, Takashi. Yota turns to a video rental shop for comfort, but little did he suspect that the shop was magical and that the cute girl on his rented tape would pop out of the television and try to fix his ruined love life!

Video Girl Len

A stand-alone sequel of sorts, Len ties up the few loose ends left by Video Girl Ai, as well as giving it's own story.


Japan in the future has a massive over-population problem. Scientists have traced the root of this problem to one particular individual, Junta Monamari. According to their records, Junta was a "Mega-Playboy" who had sired children with over a hundred women. Each one of his sons had inherited the Mega-Playboy gene too, so the problem grew exponentially from thereon. Enter Karin Aoi, a "DNA Operator".

Karin is sent back to the past with a mission: to alter Junta's DNA and prevent him from ever becoming the Mega-Playboy, thereby eliminating the world's overpopulation problem. Junta's DNA can only be altered by shooting him with a special bullet called DCM which contains the chemical for suppressing the Mega-Playboy DNA. In return, Karin gets a vast sum of money... enough to make all her dreams come true. Will Junta become the playboy he is destined to be, or will his better self prevail? But Karin is falling for the real Junta too... and what of the sweet and kindly Ami who has secretly loved Junta all her life? What will happen to future Japan?

Zetman (One-Shot)

The original one-shot story that later inspired the full series of Zetman.

Jin Kurono's father is dead, so he has been raised by his mother, who taught him the sense of honour and justice. But she died killed by a car, which ran away after the accident, leaving a scar in Jin's heart. Now, he's 23 years old, and he is the programmer of a new game: Zetman. Upset with the fact that there is no justice in the real world, he turns into his own superhero Zetman, to fight against crime, but with hard methods. To advise him and support him, he will always have his friend Sachiko Shirai. 


It follows the life of a homeless boy living with his "grandpa". The story starts to kick off when they encounter a man trying to commit suicide mumbling something along the lines of "before it is too late". Of course from then on the action begins and the dark plot begins to unfold with each volume.Coming soon!


Kenta is a young boy who dreams about being a super hero called Wingman. All his classmates love it when he disturbs the courses to apply his holy judgment, as much as the teacher hates that. One day while coming home he finds a beautifull girl in a bikini. Aoi Yume, she gives him a wonderful item, the book of dream which can make anything written on it true, and so began the life of the real super hero for our dear Hirono.

Shadow Lady

When supernatural police officers come to take De-Mo back to the demon world for execution, Aimi/Shadow Lady agrees to take on a special mission in order to save her demonic pal. Aimi must help recover the Demon Stones that were stolen and released into the human world. But each stone contains an imprisoned arch-demon, making Aimi's mission as deadly as it is difficult. And if the secrets of the Demon World become known to the human world, De-Mo's life will be forfeit...and so will Aimi's!

Sachi-chan Gu!

A crazy one-shot drawn by Katsura, but the story was done by the author of Dragon Ball, Akira Toriyama.

The story of Sachie-chan, an adventuress who travels all over the Galaxy!


A sidequel to Sachi-chan Gu!, it's again drawn by Katsura but created by Toriyama.

Jiya is an alien and a galaxy patrol member on a mission to Earth. His first encounter with humankind is rescuing a rich party girl, Kaede, and her chauffeur Kyuumonji Yukio from mountain bandits. Using Kyuumonji's body as a host, Jiya is going to check out rumors of a recent infestation of "vampires" on Earth that are attacking beautiful young women.


Eiji Mastuda finally managed to go out with Emi and promised to agree on the condition that they can't have sex. After 6 months he decides to break this promise.

Woman in the Man

Tsuyomaru is a girlish boy while Hazumi is a tomboyish girl. Tsuyomaru is challenged to a fight by a student of another karate school, and while using a training machine operated by Hazumi, something goes wrong and they switch bodies...

Super Mobile Troop Vander

A guy and a girl transform to become the Vander - the hyper-policeman. They go on a mission to fight the aliens who had come from outer space to conquer Earth. The transformation is rather interesting, as the girl becomes the guy's armored suit.

Present from Lemon

About a young man who took over as a singer after the sudden death of his father during a show, and the idol singer who was there when it happened…

Love and Destroy

Based on a video game on the PS, for which Katsura did the character design, Love & Destroy tells the story of three girls, Vivi, Lulu and Kiki, who pilot mecha which form the trio of Q-tron shock in charge of eliminating the monsters that attack the city ever since the crash landing of a meteorite. 

Dr. Chambalee

A touching story of a doctor who wanted to help people even though he became a vampire.


Tsubasa the android goes to school like anybody, but like any other he has one problem: he is not liked by girls. Kitami, in the other hand, is dating with the precious Shiyuzo; but she hides a lethal secret: she wants to kill everybody, and she will let Kitami live if he doesn't discover her. But Shiyuzo alerts Tsubasa and he will turn into a hero for stopping her. 


I"s and all related material are owned by the Masakazu Katsura, Weekly Shonen Jump, Viz Media, and all other related parties. All fan-made materials are owned by the billed names. If anything is even partially owned by myself, it will say so.
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