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Anime Review Guy's Review

Here is a review of the anime by Anime Review Guy. You can view the original review in it's entirety here, but for now here's what he had to say on the anime itself.


Since the anime is limited to 6 episodes, compressed from the entirety of the 15 volume manga series, you can imagine that some of the magic is lost in translation. Some characters have very little screen time, or even totally omitted, on order to pave way to Ichitaka's character development and his quest for Iori. The format of the episodes, with 2 thirds of the series playing out as a sort of flashback does an adequate enough job of expressing the key events of the manga while focusing almost entirely on the relationship chemistry of either Ichitaka and Iori, or Ichitaka and Itsuki.

The characters are likable, that's for sure. Ichitaka's a little annoying but he grows on you with time as he eventually learns to deal with each situation and his courage blossoms. You want him to succeed yet with each passing second you won't know if thats ever possible. While this is all well and good little is told about the characters lives that made them into the people they are now. We see a little of Ichitaka as a small child and why he isn’t confident around girls but thats it. Iori is basically just played off as that unachievable trophy without giving her much depth until later on in the proceedings, but that's forgivable seeing as how we are following this through Ichitaka's eyes. Itsuki is by far, the most fun character of the anime run but as her screen time wavers, so does the energy.

If anything, I remember this series for being emotionally crippling. I saw the anime for this before reading the manga and some misunderstandings were just plain painful to watch. I mean come on, can you even imagine having a photoshopped naked photo of the girl you like fall in front of them just as things were getting chummy between the two of you? Not fun.

Every episode is followed by a little fan service segment of itchitaka s wild dreams of erotic pleasure, however I'll leave it to your discretion whether these ever lead to anything or not.

Overall though the series is short and sweet, but you cant help but feel it could of benefitted from a little more time. A 12 episode series would have lended a much better progression of story without sacrificing characters to hurry it along. It does get the key elements out though, and for that I have to give it praise since I'm sure most would just use the opportunity to extend it out for sequel upon sequel. Good characters, sweet story but rushed. If you like romantic comedies that won't eat up too much time to get through id give it a watch.


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