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Note: This section will primarily be focused on the manga versions of the characters. At a later time, it may be converted to feature tidbits based on their anime appearances, but for now (as always), the manga is our primary love and concern.

Note: It should also be noted that as of now, these character reviews weren't written by me, they have been contributed by a fellow fan on Youtube, Bignube14. Major thanks for helping out!
Ichitaka Seto

A freshman in High School when the story begins. He fell madly in love with Iori at first sight. And since then, has struggled in telling her his feelings. He tends to say things he doesn't mean, and has a tendency to be rude when others are only trying to help.

These personality traits stem from a traumatic rejection when he was a child, during which the girl he liked told him she didn't like him and thought he was gross. He was comforted by his close female childhood friend, Itsuki Akiba. However Itsuki's sudden departure to America left him with another scar, causing him to have attachment problems with women.

However, in Iori's case; he's shown to be very courageous and have an open concern for well being, going as far as to be willing to charge into a crowd of students heckling her during her drama club practice. Ichitaka hasn't been shown to be able to handle his emotions very well, and tends to get depressed very easily. However, when Iori is involved; he's very cheerful and always puts much more enthusiasm into his activities (though he won't admit it aloud). 

Iori Yoshizuki

A calm, innocent, sweet, friendly, and absurdly beautiful girl whom Ichitaka falls in love with before the story even begins. Iori's beauty gets her a lot of unwanted attention starting off in the form of a photo spread of her in various swimsuits. She's very resourceful, and does well in situations that appear suspicious (particularly finding a hidden camera in a changing room).

She has a very strong passion for drama and acting, and is very good at cooking. Iori (like Ichitaka) is very good at hiding her emotions, mostly because of her acting skills. Her acting skills are top-notch, to the point where she's considered an idol. However she is very down-to-earth, and knows that her emotional well-being and happiness is always the priority.

She's also a very strong-willed young lady and has a talent for forgetting rough things and moving on, as well a having a mean (almost bullying) side whenever she's hurt emotionally.

Itsuki Akiba

A spunky, outspoken, energetic, and kind girl whom Ichitaka became best friends with during their childhood. Itsuki is very practical and is the first to tell Ichitaka to just suck it up and be a man. Though at times, her advice might appear insensitive; she cares about Ichitaka on a level that words cannot express.

She tends to be very comfortable with running around in her underwear, but still doesn't like it when Ichitaka sees her naked. She has very large aspirations, and is almost commendable in how adamantly she chases after her dreams.

Itsuki is a very talented artist (particularly in sculpture) and is working on a career in Hollywood as a set-piece sculptor in movies. She communicates with Ichitaka via DVD messages and has even appeared in Ichitaka's sub-concious (though this was just a manifestation of her and it appeared only to give Ichitaka advice).

Izumi Isozaki

A flirtatious young girl bearing a striking resemblance to Itsuki, Ichitaka first met Izumi when he was on a trip with his classmates during a school break. Izumi mainly has troubles with her ex-boyfriend who has even come to blows with Ichitaka, she falls in love with him after witnessing his determination and selflessness.

Subsequently she makes amorous pursuits towards going as far as the try to have sex with him more than one time. She is very superstitious when it comes to love, following horoscopes and the like. However her feelings towards Ichitaka are genuine, they're simply not as pure as some of the other girls in the series.

Even after Ichitaka's graduation, she is still relentless in her efforts to seduce him.

Aiko Asou

Bearing a shocking resemblance to Iori, she is another love interest that makes her debut towards the end of the series.  When Ichitaka graduates high school and fails to get into a university, he opts to move out of his parents home and live by himself in an apartment complex, in which Aiko is his neighbor. Her presence throughout the series is that of an Iori look alike, with a far more ditzy, naïve, and carefree attitude. She initially begins her role in the series with a long-distance boyfriend. However, with Ichitaka’s encouragement, she goes to visit him after he failed to show up for a promised visit. The sub-sequent conflict ends their relationship, and causes her to disappear for a while from the series while she recovers from the emotional shock. The most notable thing about Aiko is that of all the women in the story who show an interest in Ichitaka, she poses the greatest threat towards his relationship with Iori. It ultimately culminates into her and Ichitaka’s declaration of love for each other. However this could be simply because Iori and Ichitaka were experiencing problems in their relationship. Her role in the series ends with her deciding to move out of her apartment for nothing more than the sole reason of not wanting to endanger Ichitaka’s and Iori’s relationship. Not only making her the biggest threat to their relationship, but also the character with the most impact in the series with the shortest amount of time within it, and among the most selfless characters.

Yasumasa Teratani

Ichitaka's best friend since the start of the series. He has a staggering level of confidence when it comes to women, regardless of his rather unattractive appearance. He considers himself to be a master of love and has a tendency of always being at the right place at the right time to pull Ichitaka out of the (mostly Iori related) fire - though he is also the cause of most of Iori, and Ichitaka's misunderstandings.

Though he seems to be obsessed with sex and shows no desire to commit to one particular girl, he is shown to be very caring towards girls he considers to be friends. Teratani is almost shockingly honest, and is always willing to give Ichitaka advice and pep-talks.

He is shown to be very proud of Ichitaka once he learns not rely on him so much.

Jun Koshinae

Appearing about one quarter of the way through the series, Jun initially appears as on enigma of sorts towards Ichitaka. Threatening to expose the secret of his crush on Iori, as well as appearing to be a rival for Iori’s affections. Jun is revealed to be a homosexual, who initially pushed Ichitaka towards Iori in the hopes of being able to secure precious time with his own crush Mr. Higemi.  Later on in the series he takes on a radically different role, not so different from that of Teratani. Playing the, “ better advice giver” role. Jun also plays a hero of sorts, rescuing Iori from one of the Marionette King’s rape attempts by beating all of his minions unconscious. Being a very adept martial artist, Jun also teaches Ichitaka basic self-defense towards the end of the series.

Yuka Morisaki

Iori’s best friend, Yuka was initially very kind towards and intrigued by Ichitaka; suggesting that she was among the first to suspect Iori’s feelings of affection towards him. However midway through the series she shows disdain towards him, presumably because of his lack of self-confidence, and indecisiveness. However about three fourths of the way into the series, she develops a crush on Teratani. This leads to an unsuccessful confession, during which Ichitaka supported her greatly, winning over her approval.

Nami Tachibae

A classmate of Iori and Ichitaka, Nami had the reputation of being a slut initially. However, later on the series she proves to be extremely reliable; her earlier behaviors simply reflecting her carefree lifestyle. She is also very wealthy, living in a huge house, filled with all sorts of pleasantries. Though initially she was flirtatious with Ichitaka, she is one of the first people to suspect Iori of reciprocating Ichitaka’s  feelings. She is shown to be a very devoted friend, at the end of the series finding Ichitaka’s unconscious body, and staying with the rest of his circle of friends during his recovery.



Though she herself never directly makes a confirmed appearance in the manga other than through flashbacks and hallucinations that Ichitaka is having, Miyoko is one of the most influential characters throughout the series. Her influence began in Ichitaka’s childhood, when it was revealed to her that Ichitaka had a crush on her. However she rejects his feelings and subsequently insults him, leaving severe emotional scars that affected his ability to be honest about his feelings. Her final appearance in the series is on the school trip, when Ichitaka and Iori visit the shrine together. She scorns Ichitaka’s attempts at happiness and is subsequently ignored. Effectively ending her stranglehold on Ichitaka’s heart.

Writer’s note: There is a character in Ichitaka’s class by the name of Miyoko, however, whether or not she is the aforementioned Miyoko remains to be seen.

Kida Mokichi

Another classmate of Iori and Ichitaka. Kida was initially a girlfriend-less loser. However in the later portion of the series he becomes a threat towards Ichitaka’s and Iori’s relationship, by attempting to sleep with Iori on multiple occasions, for no other reason other than her fame.

Mr. Higemi

The homeroom teacher for almost all of the characters, his presence throughout the series is that of an extremely eccentric, strict, and loud-mouthed teacher. He is also the object of Jun’s affections.

Hideo Samejima/"The Marionette King"

The main antagonist throughout the series, he remains notably absent during the story at multiple points. This is presumably because his antics resulted in some sort of disciplinary action. He is a sexual deviant who became obsessed with Iori, and has attempted to rape and/or murder her on multiple occasions. In his final appearance in the series he has become a drug addict and degenerate as well as presumably a vagabond. His story, ends with him arrested and presumably forced into subsequent jail time, effectively ending his presence in the lives of Ichitaka and Iori.

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